Running her own design company, with studies at Beckmans School of Design (BFA) and Konstfack, the College of Arts, Craft & Design (MFA). She has over the years worked with some of the leading companies in Sweden. Parallelly she has worked with in-house production. In recent years Barolo has delved into the issues of production and challenged the image of production, Swedish art industry and how we evaluate the creation/design of an object. It has among other things resulted in the book Brave New Production and the magazine Brave Magazine #2 as part of an artistic research project at Konstfack, the College of Arts, Crafts and Design. The project was funded by The Swedish Arts Grant Committe under the name "No Innocent Objects." She lectures and teaches at various design colleges and is the head of the product design department at Beckmans Colleges of Design and have run her latest artistic research project "The Kinship Method" within the research programme in the college. 

Photo: Felix Odell


Beckmans College of Design, Product Design, Form

MFA Royal College of Art, Craft & Design Konstfack

Plus many coarses in art studies & some university points in practical philosophy, cultural antrophology way back. And even more way back a "gesällbrev" diploma in professional hairdressing...


2015 - and now:  Programme director and senior lecturer, Form; product design department, Beckmans College of Design

2017 Acting CEO at Handarbetets Vänner (HV)

2014 – 2016 Process leader for the project Omforma – förändrade strukturer i designbranschen

2014 – 2015 Expert in the development project: National Agenda for business development of the field of crafts, handicrafts and small-scale design production

2014 Development project for small-scale operations, NFH; Nämnden för hemslöjdsfrågor

2012 Part of creating coarses at Kulturlyftet

2011 – 2012 No Innocent Objects

2008 – 2010 MFA Brave New Production

2005 –   Designer, product developer and range coordinator for Iris Hantverk AB

1998 – 1999 Coordinator and project assistant for the photo exhibition Under/Exposed,


2021 Stockholm City Cultural Grant

2017 Edida Elle Deco Award

2016 Working grant, 2 year, Konstnärsnämnden 

2016 Edida Elle Deco Award

2011 Konstnärsnämnden, grant

2011 Konstfack KU grant 

2010 Estrid Ericsson, grant

2010 Konstfack, MFA grant 

2010 Framtidens kultur, grant 

2009 Edida Elle Deco Award, Knits by the Metre

2008 Estrid Ericsson, grant

2005 Edida Elle Deco Award

2005 Sweden-Japan Foundation, grant

2003 Working grant, Konstnärsnämnden 

2000, 2002, 2003, 2005 Estrid Ericsson, grant

2003 Iaspis, grant 

2000 Helge Ax:Johnssons stipendiefond, grant

2000 ”Ung svensk form”, award 

1998 “Utmärkt svensk form”, award

REPRESENTED archives & collections 

2018 Nationalmuseum, Gåsöga, Stockholm

2017 Nationalmuseum, Massproduced Uniqueness, Stockholm

2011 Nationalmuseum, table Sunday Morning, Stockholm

2010 Röhsska museet, Whose Hand is of Importance, Gothenburg

2006 Röhsska museet, Hat Bowl, Gothenburg

2004 Regeringskansliet, Pierce Bowl, Stockholm


2014 The Nature and its Embodied Culture I-IX, Gävle Hospital, Gävle. Barolo/Mårtensson

2013 A Room With A View I-VII, Gävle Hospital, Gävle. 

2005 Cocoon, Public commission, KA Almgrens Sidenväveri & Museum, Stockholm. 


2021 The Kinship Method, Rian Design Museum, Falkenberg 

2020 The Kinship Method - The Last Session, Sven Harrys konstmuseum, Stockholm

2014 Reflexions, Hallwylska Palatset, Stockholm. Barolo/Mårtensson

2014 Life is a Play, Berns, Stockholm. Barolo/Mårtensson

2013 No Innocent Object, Falkenberg museum

2010 Ekebyhovs slott, Stockholm

2008 Bra Achitecture and Knits by the Metre, Designgalleriet, Stockholm. Barolo/Mårtensson  

2007 Refuse Anything Else, Form/Designcenter, Malmö

2005 Laune, Swedish Style, Tokyo, Japan


2022 Female Traces, Rian Design Museum, Falkenberg

2021 The Kinship & Friends + Alt. Design Methods, Ahouse Ark, Stockholm

2019 Female Traces, Möbeldesignmuseum, Stockholm

2018 Tidslinjen, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

2018 Mellan handen och ögat, Svensk Hemslöjd, Stockholm

2017 Second Hand Daylight, Kosmisk Kastrering, Kummelholmen Stockholm, Göteborg 

2017 Svensk Form/Ung Svensk Form Stockholms Auktionsverk

2014 Best of, Designgalleriet, Stockholm

2013 Shop show, Malmö Form/Designcenter, Finland

2010 Frän form, Vänermuseet, Lidköping

2010 Konstslöjdsalong, Arkitekturmuseet, Stockholm


2019 – 2020 Vice chairman Konstnärernas Riksorganisation. 

2019 Jury member Elle Edida Design Award

2015 – 2019 Board member, Konstnärernas Riksorganisation

2015 – 2019 The committee for design issues Konstnärernas Riksorganisation

2015 – 2019 Board member in ABSK

2015 – 2017 Board member, HV, Föreningen Handarbetets Vänner

2015 Jury member for Stockholm Craft Fair

2012 – 2014 Participants in the editorial board for Form Magazine 

2011 – 2015 Board member in Sveriges Designers

2015 Jury member Sustainability Award Konstfack 

2013 Jury member Ung Svensk Form, Svensk Form

2004 Jury member Iggesund Paperboard


2022 I mörkret är de alla lika, en saga om värde och värdighet, exhibition catalogue Female Traces, Rian Design Museum

2021 The Kinship Method - The Book

2018 Designern som den nyttiga idioten – om kulturellt kapital, produktion och maktförskjutning  in the antology Makt och egenmakt i designbranschen

2016 Nationell Agenda – för företagsutveckling av området slöjd, konsthantverk och småskalig designproduktion. Expert and co-author of the agenda and report

2016 Omforma – Nya strukturer för designbranschen, co-editor

2014 Article in Konstnären nr 2, co-writer: Johan Wingestad

2013 Brave New Magazine, Brave nr 2: No Innocent Objects. Chief –in-editor and writer.

2013 Made in-medaljens skuggsida, Article in Form Magazine nr 3

2013 On Production, article to the book Behind the Scenes: Stories from the Design Industry, an anthology by Hanna Nova Beatrice.

2010 Making Small Talk, publication degree by students of Ceramic & Glass, Konstfack

2010 Brave New Production