In the master work of Ceramics and Glass at Konstfack, began the work that has become influential for Barolo. This work has resulted the essay "Brave New Production" and was depicted in the form of a series of products and objects in porcelain. It's about why the once successful art & carft industry in Sweden only exist in shambles today. About how it affects our vision and values ​​regarding products and underlying factors. The essay was published in and is available for purchase at the bookstore Konst-ig and used in teaching at the Konstfack and School of Textiles in Borås. Later developed the project under the name No Innocent Objects.

On the Top: Best Before Date

An ironi over what should be included in the declaration of content and origin.Maybe we should ask for same kind of details as the locally produced food.

Above: (R)Evolutionary Production

About how we often rationalize our view upon the production process and often because of lack of knowledge think the things we buy in cheap stores always are made by a machine. A blurry image of a machine spitting out the products when someone push the botton.

Above and to the right: Making Easy Complicated

Instead of the normal brief: make something slow and were the marks that normally is hidden here becomes the decoration.

Above: The Death of an Industry

Sorting the bad parts from the good, or... letting the bad become good.

Below: PD-meeting #twentysomething

To the left: PD_meeting #twentyeleven

Sorting the bad parts from the good, or... letting the bad become good.

Whoose hand is of importance? Massproduced bottles with lids in handmade porcelain.