Margot Barolo contributed with an short story "I mörkret är vi alla lika - En liten saga och värde och värdighet" in the catalogue for the exhibition FEMALE TRACES at Rian Design Museum.


published by ARVINIUS + ORFEUS Publishing

About the project, its process and transcript of the design therapies, the underlying purpose regarding the designer role in design production. 

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published by Omforma

Margot Barolo contributed with the article: 

Designern som den nyttiga idioten; om kulturellt kapital, produktion och maktförkjutning.

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Brave New Production is about the rise and fall of art industry, how aesthetics is influenced by the economy and how we value objects based on how, where and by whom we believe they are made. The book is course literature at the textile department at the University of Borås and the Ceramics & Glass, Konstfack. It is possible  to purchase the book in our online shop and in the Konst-ig bookstores.

Brave Magazine #2 is an independent continuation of the book above and emerges from the project: NO INNOCENT OBJECTS. In the format of a magazine, the project has left the arts industry and goes deeper into questions like what is hidden behind the label ”Made in”and how do we value the people behind the products and how the global economy affects production? There are no innocent object - they all carry a silent testemony. Many people have contributed to the articles and images, among others: Susanne Helgeson, Lena Nilsson, Julia Hederus, Tove Dreiman. Sold in our webshop and in the Konst-ig bookstores.

Initiated by a group of designers, Omforma uses questionnaires, interviews, statistics, focus groups and workshops to reveal a picture of a sector marked by gender segregation, regimentation, and a power-elites. Issues of gender, ethnicity, age and class are sensitive to all parts of the industry that were examined: product designers, industrial designers, textile designers and furniture designers. The project and the book Omforma - nya strukturer för designbranschen caters to the entire design industry and all those affected by how the industry works by extension. In a world where design permeates our everyday experience, its framework has an impact on all our lives.

Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing

Writer and project leader: Kerstin Sylwan

Process leader co-editor: Margot Barolo


Margot Barolo contributed with the article:

On Production


Behind the Scenes provides an inside look at today’s design industry, touching on topics that are rarely discussed except behind closed doors – the challenges facing the industry, the commercial undercurrents that shape and define it and an exclusive glimpse at those in power. The book includes chapters on the relationship between design media and PR, payment methods in the design industry, the escalating speed of new product development, the little-known elements that effect a product’s pricing, and much more. Behind the Scenes was nominated for a 2013 Swedish Design Award (Svenska Designpriset).