GÅSÖGA designed by Barolo/Mårtensson is a modern version of the typical classic swedish pattern gåsöga. A pattern you find all over Sweden in different shapes and variations. Our contribution expand it further.



The cooperation with Klässbols Linneväveri began in 2001 when BAROLO designed the pattern Mr. Ash for them. Mr Ash is a popular bestseller. A few years ago it was accompanied by Mrs. Embla.

BAROLO / MÅRTENSSON have designed Gåsöga which is a collaboration between Iris Crafts and Klässbols Linneväveri. For a designer, working with Klässbols Linneväveri is a favor. The thriving fifth generation company still has the production located in the origin place of Klässbol in Värmland. The owner family knows how to combine business knowledge, craftsmanship and sustainability. As a designer you feel trusted and respected. The company has collaborated with many designer, among others Astrid Sampe. Klässbols is represented with textiles at the Nobel ceremonies as well as in most Swedish and Norwegian embassies around the world.


Patterns you find in tablecloths and towels. In 100% linen made in Värmland in Sweden. The products are frequently used in swedish castle by the royals and in the embassys all over the world.

When the Värmland region asked Klässbols Linneväveri to produce the engegament gift to prins Carl-Philip och Sofia, Barolo was asked to create a concept and design. Barolo had been experimenting for a while with text in jaquard weave and wanted it to be a gift of words linked to the region and it's nature were the royal couple was to receive a nature reserve called "Byamossorna" together with the gift in linen. The text on the table cloth is the famous song Ack Vermeland and the napkins with a motive of  the flora of Bymossorna in the region. KLÄSSBOLS LINNEVÄVERI