2005, Barolo/Mårtensson designed a textile wall for the newly renovated KA Almgren Museum. In the center of the small museum they created flexible auditorium made of silk and wool. The requirements  for the project was that the wall should be noise insulating, flexible and linked to the origin of the museum. Barolo/Mårtensson made a wall with an outside and inside of silk taffeta and a core of compact wool felt. The inspiration of the project was retrieved from the way the silk has been used historically in ladies' dresses and curtain arrangements.

Barolo/Mårtensson also presented a woven striped silk pattern especially designed for KA Almgren. KA Almgren is the oldest silk weaver in Europé with a ongoing production. A very exclusive silk production where they weave one meter of silk fabric per day. IBarolo/Mårtensson designed a collection with silk products like necklaces and bracelets with silver, baby hats, evening bags and cases for glasses.